About Us

     The founders of Nanny in the City, Princess Sams and Kate Williams, have collaborated to bring forth a personalized and a more tailored approach in the process of matchmaking nannies and families. Princess and Kate are excited about putting their experience as nannies to good use in their venture as entrepreneurs. Nanny in the City is a product of their experience as professional caretakers, and it is the ultimate testament of their passion for what they do. 


Brief History

      After formulating a friendship, Princess and Kate developed a network within the nanny community. As they began to branch out of their own circles, they began to see deeper and broader needs within their line of work.  They identified there was a need for someone to advocate for both the nanny and the family.  In many cases it can be uncomfortable for the nanny and/or the parents (employers) to negotiate the terms of their contracts, effectively communicate their concerns, wishes and so forth.


        After identifying the issue at hand, they decided to come up with a business model unlike any other. Nanny in the City is designed to be the intermediary between the nanny and the family.  Our goal is to nurture the relationship, mediate communications and be of assistance in helping make families lives and homes run as smoothly as possible.  This enables the nanny and family to focus on what is most important, and that being, the children. 

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